Somme Drum Dye Tan Brogue Shoe

Somme Drum Dye Tan Brogue Shoe

Price:  $345.00 from  Hudson Shoes

Part of our Hudson London range, Somme is an exquisite brogue for the modern man. The upper is a smooth calf leather, that has been given a Hudson signature finish. This shoe is lovingly assembled and then drum dyed to give a rich and lasting colour to the leather. A long wing design adorns the side, whilst a toe rose embellishes the front. The delicate pattern work reflects the quality that has gone into this style. It is finally finished on a premium leather sole with stitched rand. Worth a read: Due to the techniques used to create the Drum Dye effect the leather can fit tighter than usual

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Somme Drum Dye Tan Brogue Shoe